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Welcome to the world of Viva Gold...

If you enjoy reading gay romance, and the MM genre, then you'll find lots to interest you here.



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A cute, festive, happy ever after romance for the holidays. 
When Sasha’s boss demands a last-minute Christmas Extravaganza Party for clients and staff, Sasha frantically calls Comet Events praying his best friend’s brother, Nikolai Tolstyak, will help him out. It’s a risk as he’s been crushing on the man his entire life, but Sasha’s job is in peril and there is far more at stake than his pride. In an unexpected turn of events, it seems that the Christmas spirit and Yuletide cheer might just bring the comfort and joy that Sasha needs…or perhaps, could that be…Saint Nikolai?

Saint Nikolai is a 25k word novella originally published as part of the Winter Wonderland promotion 2020.



When their best friend, Maddy, agrees to have a baby for them, Elvis & Jonah cannot wait for parenthood. However, they should know by now that nothing they ever plan goes accordingly, and they end up getting much more than they bargained for.

Join Elvis, Jonah and their cast of friends on a chaotic, emotional, and downright hilarious pregnancy, birth, and beyond!

And while it does help to read the first 4 books (all at 99p on Amazon & KU), you can still enjoy this book as a standalone…

Raf is Black – Benji is White. They are both Gay, and Jewish…

Raf Levy is living an ordinary life, working in retail while trying to decide on his future. A degree in Sociology has lots of options, but since returning from travelling, Raf isn’t in a hurry to commit. He goes to work, earns his commission…rinse & repeat, until Benji Kass happens. Like a precocious, privileged bolt from the blue, Benji swoops into Raf’s life. He’s determined to save Raf from a dreary existence. However, Raf steps up to do a bit of saving himself.

Suddenly their differences don’t seem so great. 

Raf is about to discover that not everything is black and white. Sometimes colours can be blended for exactly the right MIXED MATCH


Join Raf and Benji on their tumultuous, action packed, emotionally fuelled journey to their HEA. 


Mitchell Reed is a young, slightly arrogant (through a mix of shyness and insecurity) hedge fund manager. He works from his luxurious home in Hampstead and requires a house keeper.  Jem turns up for an interview and immediately situates himself in Mitchell’s life. Their relationship moves on from employer/employee and we are surprised to learn that Mitch has submissive tendencies. Whilst their dynamic is not strictly D/s, Jem does take advantage of his own dominance over his boss. 

When Jem disappears, Mitchell is bereft, but as time goes on and with the help of a team of investigators, the shocking truth unfolds. 


This story is a mix of betrayal, angst, hurt, friendship, love and finally, an HEA! 

BLINK is a stand-alone story about a young optometrist, Arran Adatto, whose patient Ezra Stern requires a little more than the usual care and attention. Ezra may seem the Daddy type but hates labels…and Arran is way, way more than he appears to be! Ezra is hard on the outside but harbours a deep loneliness and longs for love. Arran lives a life full of lies due to his traditionally religious family. Can he find the strength to be his true self for Ezra?


This is a love story about two very different men. Ezra is a successful businessman living his life out and proud. Approaching the grand old age of 40, he beings to look at his life and realises he’s terribly lonely, and that his regular one night fuck-stands are not fulfilling him enough anymore. When he finds Arran, he thinks the young man is everything he never knew he wanted or needed. Yet Arran has a lot of baggage, not least of all is that he is in the closet about his homosexuality. 

And who the hell is Iris Green?

Meet Elvis & Jonah in their BLUE shenanigans...

The Blue books feature Elvis & Jonah. Elvis is a sassy lad intent on driving the grumpy Jonah mad with all the shenanigans they get up to! Check out my amazon page for more details


This is the Woolf series...


Isadore Woolf is a man who knows what he wants in life and that happens to be Adam Cohen. 

Izzy surrounds himself with people who cater to his needs and never more so than at his ‘club’ where his Dominant side is free to express itself among the many willing subs happy to kneel at his feet. Getting this mountain of a man to submit seems impossible but Izzy was never one to back down from a challenge.  

Still, it’s not all handcuffs and roses as a sinister plot of revenge against Adam could jeopardise their love and even their lives. 

Can Izzy save Adam? 

Can Adam be what Izzy needs? 

Fierce passion and untamed arrogance drives Isadore to risk everything for a future together.  

GOOD LORD (Woolf Tales 2)

Thrilling, dark, and intriguing. 

Lord Jason Greenall doesn’t have a very high opinion of himself, but one thing he does know is that he deserves to be loved just like anyone else.  It is with this in mind that he separates from his boyfriends, G & T,  and goes home to Greenall Manor to lick his wounds and ponder on life in general. 

Sipping tea in the conservatory with his beloved mother, Jason gets an eyeful of his French cousin Remi. Tall, and muscly,  olive skinned and surly – everything Jason is attracted to and trying hard not to show it. 

Remi has come to live at Greenall Manor while studying at Oxford. His mother is married to Jason’s father’s first cousin Marc, so not blood related.  Remi is used to taking what he wants. And he wants Jason.

Oh, Good Lord. 

MADE TO MEASURE takes the idea of uniforms being used to boost the profile of the London Metropolitan Police. A special ops squad have been chosen to become insta-fame celebs in order to make the Met seem more ‘with it’ and to dispel negative opinion. 


The main character who tells the story from his perspective, is Sergeant Rob Ross. He’s a big man but a natural submissive. One of his team; the rookie, Liam Ryan, is built like an oak tree and also happens to be a Dom.  Another man features – his name is Sanjay and he isn’t with the police but seems to fit right in the middle of the other two!  This is the story of how they met and what occurs afterwards… it’s short, sharp, sweet and sexy! 


If you have read my books, Izzy’s Boy and Good Lord, this novella will hold special treats for you…

Tal Roth, MONEY MAN extraordinaire. Lover of fast cars, one night hook-ups, designer clothes and of course…..MONEY!

Tal, parties hard and fast, just like his line of hook-ups, all funded mostly by his one major client, Doron Sagall. In an about turn of events, Tal finds himself the scapegoat for Sagall’s fraudulent financial activity. What follows is a wave of criminal provocation, followed by a brutal kidnapping where Tal’s life is put at risk. When he is rescued by Twin protectors G & T, he has some serious thinking to do concerning his lifestyle. 

Unexpected second chances come in the form of a new, young lover, Bastien, who carries baggage from his own abusive background. Together, these two broken men try to put their past behind them and forge a future full of love and opportunity. 

Tal and Bastien will proudly take their places alongside the other gorgeous men of the series, but will it be together?



Alfie Marsh works as an accounts executive for Eden Advertising Agency.  Zachariah Trent is the new CEO. Alfie comes from a posh family who have rejected him since he came out as gay. Zac is a Brixton boy turned good. Alfie has blue eyes and is pasty and slim with a mop of unruly brown curls. He is mostly grumpy and has no care for fashion. Zac is huge and handsome with a body to die for and green eyes to get lost in. He has a sense of style that enhances…. well, everything! 
Together they are on a committee to organise the Christmas works do. It’s the only way Zac can orchestrate time with Alfie while he decides the most effective way to seduce him. Alfie is lonely and  finds it hard to fathom what Zac sees in him. When Zac asks him out on a date though, Alfie accepts. After all, he has nothing left to lose and Zac is incredible in every way. 

Christmas is fast approaching. Both men had planned to spend it alone. But things can change ‘unexpectedly’ can’t they? 

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A feast of flesh and desire. Superbly written sensual twister that wakes up your senses and puts to sleep your sensitivities. Sleepless night guaranteed.

Amazon Customer,

Viva has always has brought us a refreshing and unusual read, her specialty is thinking outside the box, giving us unique but endearing characters.

Amazon Customer

This was my favourite Christmas story of 2018. Elvis's sass is matched only by his funky hair and great taste in shoes. Jonah is all designer class and first class seats. Together they will totally win you over - and you will not regret it.

Amazon Customer



Hi, I’m Viva Gold.


I have a hubby and two grown daughters. I am North West London, born and bred, but love to travel. I work practically full time and have a very active social life with family and friends. 


And then there’s this crazy, beautiful, amazing other part of my life – the book world. I started off reading MF, but once I discovered MM, all bets were off! I love it! It has brought so many fantastic people into my life; authors, readers, bloggers, models - it’s been an incredible journey so far. 


As Fiona Rachel Warner, I guest review for Books Laid Bare Boys and am proud to make up one third of the shiMMer UK MM author event team.

But of course, writing MM is my passion.

My stories are erotic and explicit. They contain BDSM elements; taboo suggestions and extreme sexual practice. (No poo though, I promise!) My characters are often wilful and arrogant, yet are fiercely loyal and protective of what’s theirs. I like them to be realistic based on demographics and social standing, but they also have to be sexy, gritty and oftentimes needy. They are all handsome and gorgeous and beautiful. My fantasies brought to life through words.


My stories are mainly set in England – a lot of the time in London. The way I write has a distinctly British feel because….I’m British! I use coarse language relevant to the character and try to research as much as possible to ensure everything is accurate and authentic. And I do mean everything lol! Yay – lucky me…


But most of all, I love words and all the power they contain. Subsequently, it is my ultimate goal in life to use my words for your pleasure and enjoyment. 

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